Independent escort Amsterdam

Independent escort Amsterdam

An independent escort is someone working as an escort. He or She can do this in different ways;

  • Via an escort agency, working privately for one escort agency who only mediates between client and escort
  • A so called Bunny, working for multiple escort agencies, hopping from one agency to the other
  • A truly Independent escort, working only privately without any mediation of an escort agency

All three types have their own advantages, the truly Independent escort is very rare. Certainly an Amsterdam escort  working independent is most uncommon. The most likely reason for this is that the escort agencies offer the escorts comfort and protection.

Customary for an independent escort, male or female is a High level of service, a High class escort rate and a Two hour booking minimum.

High Level of Service

In the escort business it’s commonly known that independent escorts offer a high level of service. The thinking behind this is that Independent escorts are looking for regular/returning clients. Often a relation at a pretty personal level is growing between client and escort girl.

High class independent escort rate

Most independents do this line of work in addition to their regular job for a little extra fun and off course the financial benefits. They love to visit you, but will not forget about the financial part and will charge you a high class escort rate. Most likely the rate will be higher than you find in the local industry. Prices will be somewhere between 250, 350 or even 450 euro per hour. Because of the love for finances, an expensive gift is well appreciated by the escorts. Normally you can find their wishes displayed on their website, to show it is much appreciated to pleasure them with gifts, like perfume, clothing or even a luxury trip to a sunny destination.

Two hour booking minimum

A minimum booking fee of 2 hours is a common and an accepted standard in the high class escort business. Is it reasonable? Depends how you look at it, from the escorts point of view it is. For 1 date, they need to prepare, travel to your location, enjoy the date and travel back again. This comes down to spending 4 hours for a 2 hour date. The advantage for you of a two hour minimum is that the date will be more enjoyable compared to the ‘normal’ one hour rush.

Girls Company escort Amsterdam

Advantage of using the escortservice of Girls Company Amsterdam is our experience in mediating the right escort girl, a girl in full compliance with your wishes. We set high standards for the escorts and always have a wide range of escorts available. We have escorts ranging from 145 up to 350 euro’s per hour. A proper run agency which will take care of your wishes we most certainly will.