How I Became An Escort

I worked in a hotel in Amsterdam, it was a comfortable job and I enjoyed working with Becoming an escortpeople, especially the guests who were pleasant. But I wasn’t earning any money to speak of, just enough to get by, and I felt myself to be in a bit of a rut. There was a girl I was friends with who also worked with me in the hotel. She is 24, and she left about six months ago saying she’d found a better job in another city. We kept in touch, and it sounded like she was doing really well for herself. We met up for the first time in months several weeks ago, as she was down here in Amsterdam, and she confided in me what her new job actually is. She’s an escort.

I was pretty shocked at first, but as she told me more about it, it didn’t sound as shocking as it seemed at first. I’ve passed through the red light district a few times, and could never consider doing that. However what she did had nothing to do with working in windows. She is an independent escort with a profile on a website (not this one, guys!). She sees several clients a week, sometimes a few a night, sometimes she’s booked for weekends away and overnight stays with guys, and once she says a client took her to Paris for the weekend. And the money that she said she earns left me bug eyed.

She also said that the clients are not skeevy men with bad breath, but attractive, successful businessmen in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, who just want a bit of friendly and intelligent company while they are in town, and who can afford to pay for it. My friend said that although sex is a big part of what she does as an escort girl, the clients she sees through the website really do make an effort to get to know her as a person, buy her presents, treat her very well, etc, and she has got to know some of her regular clients as friends as well. She’s says there’s a really good support network with the other girls too, some of whom she ‘works’ with on 2-girl dates for clients, and there are a couple of girls she spends time with outside of work too as friends.

Becoming an escort, take the step

One night I was thinking about all that my escort friend had told me, so I decided to get on the web and browse escortservices. A few that I looked at seemed appealing. One call was particularly long, but also quite fun. This was with the Escort Service Amsterdam whose page you’re reading this on. The gentleman on the telephone invited me the next day next for a first interview. The interview made me more enthusiastic then I already was. I had a second meeting the following week. At the second meeting the working method was explained, and after that I would then be on call for my first customer. I would wait at my home.

At home, I changed into one of my favorite dresses, and occupied myself with getting ready. I was feeling very excited that night as I waited for my first appointment. I did not have very long to wait, as within the hour my telephone rang. It was the Amsterdam escortservice. I recognized the voice on the telephone, it was the gentleman I had spoken with just a little while earlier. He told me he had my first booking, at what time I was expected, and that they would send a driver over to me to take me to the address. “Don’t be nervous’, he added with a laugh before he rang off. I was nervous, but just a little. I recognized the name of the hotel. It was a very nice one. My first appointment as an escort seemed to be getting off to a very good start!

I’ve always enjoyed the company of men. I like how they think and how they look. I love to get close to men and explore their minds and bodies. I feel exhilarated when I meet new people, I love to wear sexy clothes, and I enjoy breaking down the barriers that keep people distant from one another. I believe myself to be very sensual, and I think being an escort is one way I can express and share my sensuality while supporting myself in the wonderful city that I now call home.

In the car on the way across town to the hotel in the centre of Amsterdam, I remember not being nervous at all. I was giddy with anticipation, actually. We pulled up at the hotel, and as instructed I rang my client from the lobby. Hearing his voice, I thought, “He sounds like a normal guy”. He gave me his room number and I went to the lift and rode up. I found the door and knocked.

Actually  an escort

It seemed he was a bit practiced with this new-to-me thing of having a strange girl to his room, he was very charming and smooth. He offered me a drink from the minibar, which I declined, because this was my first date and I wanted to have all my wits about me. But it was very much like a date. We talked and talked, and I was fascinated with his conversation. I asked him many questions, out of genuine interest. I’d forgotten that I was being paid to be here. I did remember to keep track of time, as I had been instructed to do by the agency, so there wouldn’t be a risk of spending too much of our two-hour appointment conversing. So after a bit, it was time to suggest that we get more comfortable. I moved closer to my client on the sofa, took his hands in mine, and made the suggestion. It felt very natural really, not at all an intrusion of business into our socializing. He stood up, still holding my hands, and led me into the bedroom of the small business-suite he was staying in.

The sex was much better than my last few boyfriends, to be honest. It was wonderful, I felt like a horny teenager, and I believe he did as well. It was really, really good. At some point during the proceedings, I remember thinking, “Am I really getting paid to do this?!”

I was, indeed, getting paid to do this, as I was sadly reminded. After what felt like only a few minutes with this man, my telephone rang. It was my driver letting me know that it was time to leave, my time was up. I did not want to leave, I’d just arrived. I’ll have to learn to deal with that feeling better in future. My client showered with me, and as we did so, we continued our conversation from earlier and also as I got dressed and freshened up my makeup. We kissed at the door, and that was that. My first night as an escort . And as this was my first night, I was only going to see the one client, and the driver took me straight home. I slept very well that night!