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How do you choose an Amsterdam escort girl?

In the age of the Internet, it has become much easier to find an escort girl. You can find all kinds of escorts online that specialize in a particular fantasy or have the look you are looking for. However, finding a good escort girl can be difficult. You have to know the lingo of escorts, know where to keep your money and how long to stay with her. Fortunately, it is very easy to find a great escort girl no matter how much you are willing to pay.


EscortserviceFinding an escort girl – The search for the best

Find a reputable website. You will find many websites that you can visit. You can tell that you are on a good site if this is an escort service, they publish a license number, at a profiles website if you see that most ads are posted every month. The sites you should avoid are those where the escorts post ads daily instead of every month. The reason behind this technique is that the ads are cheap and therefore attract second-rate escorts, untrustworthy parties do sometimes want to reach customers on these sites with wrong intentions.

Escort service, most reliable

Do some research. The key is to find a reliable independent escort or a reputable Amsterdam escort service.  Escort services are good because you can expect consistency in the type of escorts they offer and safety. If you find an Escort Service that you like, you can find recommendations e for the type of escort you are looking for. Safety and reliability is important and that is what you pay a little more for at an escort service. This is the escort commission, but for that you can be assured that the escort arrives on time, is clean/hygienic and offers good service and services. Escort Service handles things professionally.

Zoom in on your preferences

Limit your search to your type of escorts. Some categories of escorts are mature women, brunettes, blondes, busty women, VIP escorts, BDSM, etc. You can also categorize them by age, physical characteristics and height. This is also a good time to choose whether you want a quick meeting, a date or an all-nighter.

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Escort rate within your budget?

Determine your budget. Remember that you get what you pay for. If you only have 100 or 200 euros to spend, you should consider saving a little more. When you click on the girl you like, look up her price. If her price is above your budget, you may not want to waste your time reading her ad .

Don’t try to negotiate the price with an escort. If her price is not indicated, it is often because she is quite expensive.

If you find an escort that you like and that is within your budget, make sure there are no extra fees or “tips” once you meet her.

Vérified escort girl

Make sure it’s the girl in the picture. Escorts who use fake photos will never tell you that it is not them in the photo. Many girls who use fake photos will blur their faces, but there are also many escorts who do this to protect their privacy. Other customers can leave a comment about the escort to let others know it is the girl in the photo .

Use a photo search service. That way you will know if her photos were stolen from an adult site or taken during a professional photo shoot (for Playboy, for example).

Double check

Google her professional or work name. This will show you how long she has been in the business and how she scores with her clients. If she has only been doing this work for a few weeks or months, you are taking a greater risk. Also, Google her phone number and e-mail address to see if they are real and legitimate.

There are many sites that rate escorts on their appearance, personality and openness. Some of these sites include and

Address your preferences to the escort

Discuss your desire or plan and her services, discreetly. Once you have chosen an escort girl, make sure you have an idea of what will happen while you are together. When discussing her services over the phone, make sure you know the proper codes for the services you are looking for.

Too harsh or direct words may cause her to hang up the phone and ignore your calls. You may be talking to her manager on the phone, so consider that the woman you are talking to on the phone may not be the person you are talking to.

Determine the location

Find out where she’s going to meet you. A cheap hotel in an unsavory neighborhood may not be a good idea. Normally you can host the escort anywhere, as long as it is hygienic, safe, respectful to do what you want the date for and not to mention a little fine temperature can’t hurt. A fine hotel, home, office or apartment are good options


Meeting with the escort

Safety first

Have you made an appointment, which is not through an official escort service? Be careful when you arrive or when the high class escort arrives at your location. check quietly if the situation is/feels good. If you see or notice anything strange or have a bad feeling, leave or send the lady in question away again. Remember that most hotels are well secured and you are not likely to be at risk yourself. Hotels rarely receive many visitors at night, so alerting the front desk is easily done. Follow your instinct and don’t take chances.

Grab your wallet and keep it in a safe place. Do this before you arrive at the meeting place or the escort has arrived. You don’t want someone with bad intentions to see you do this. IS the escort through an escort agency, then the chance of bad intentions is a lot less and your date will be relatively safe. Bring only your cell phone, money and car keys. But caution doesn’t hurt, because you never know if an escort will try to steal something secretly.

Paying the escort

Upon entering the room, show her that you have the agreed amount and place it prominently on the nightstand. This money is only to buy her time (not for illegal services). Do not try to ask for sexual favors, this is illegal

Legal age of practicing prostitution is 21

Ask her if she is at least 21 years old and make sure she has an official document that allows her to practice her profession. If she does not answer yes to these two questions, you are breaking the law. She could be an undercover police officer or an exploited minor. In addition, it is not desirable to have a sex date with a minor.

Hygiene and ethics

Wash in advance of the escort’s arrival. Some escorts may ask you to wash your hands again or even take a shower. Of course, the same is true the other way around. Note: She might run off with your money while you are showering, so Keep your money in a safe place. (You should do that anyway, before and after). There is little chance that an escort girl from a well-known escort service will run off with your money, so you should remember that if you choose one with no comments or history. You may be able to take the money to the bathroom, but that may offend her. Take your wallet, cell phone and keys with you to the bathroom.

Enjoy the moment with your escort girl

Make yourself comfortable. Once she has seen that you have enough money and are serious, she should have no problem undressing you and providing services that may be legal in your country. Since laws may change from country to country, you should find out about the laws in the country you are in before proceeding .
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Get to know each other

Use escort lingo when talking to each other. They are very careful what they say when talking about money (usually called “gift”), sex, dating, etc. Make sure you use the same phrases when talking to them. Make sure you use the same phrases when you talk to her. Never ask her directly for sex. Use phrases like “get comfortable” or “get to know each other better”.

GFE escort

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Fetish escort girlVoor ieder wat wils, ieder zijn fetish escort.


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Erotische Massage

Erotische massageMaar ook meer dan escort: Erotische massage.


  • When arriving at the meeting place, bring only the exact amount you need.
    Always call the escort by her nickname. Do not call her “baby” or “darling.”
  • Get to know her. You can chat with her on the Internet or on the phone. Ask her what services she provides and for what price.
  • Inspect the room. Sometimes someone lurks to steal your bag while you are busy or in the bathroom. Look under the bed in the closets and in the bathroom. This will not happen if you choose an escort from a reputable escort service.


  • Do not attempt to have sex with the escort if it is illegal in your country. Prostitution is illegal in many countries. Asking for sex for money can land you in jail.
  • If she looks very young, check her age first. You may be dealing with a minor, in which case you could face more serious charges.
  • Be very careful with people you know on dating apps and at the
  • Safe sex or no sex