• Name : Vanessa

  • Age: 24

  • Haircolor : Blond

  • Eyes : Brown

  • Length : 1,60 cm

  • Cupzise : 75 D

Escort Girl Vanessa

Vanessa is an exotic dark escort with a well known J Lo ass! This escort girl is mainly available in the evenings and she generally only makes 1 reservation per night. She completely surrenders to you and takes her time with you. When we ask her what her specialty is she starts laughing and says: ones you go black, you”ll never go back!

Vanessa’s favorites:

  • GFE
  • Sex indifferent positions,
  • Oral with condom, erotic / body to body massage,
  • Kissing maybe.
  • Trio M/F, SM dominant, swingerclub.

Hourly rates

  • 1 hour € 160,-
  • 2 hours € 320,-
  • 4 hours € 600,-
  • 7 hours for 1 night € 980,-
  • 10 hours for 1 night € 1350,-
  • 12 hours for 1 night € 1560,-
  • 1 hours  For couples € 250,-


Well shaped escort

Last weekend I booked a date with the sexy ebony Vanessa, why Vanessa? If you see her photos it says enough. Some men like breasts and others like nice buttocks, I belong to the second group (now you know why Vanessa).

When this shapely lady arrived at my home address just in time, my mouth fell wide open, What a blast of a woman! Of course I had already seen her well-rounded body a bit in the photos, but photos and reality are just not the same. When I spoke to the escort agency, I had my doubts because Vanessa is in a higher price range than some of the others. But once she got to my house, all my doubts melted away. After introducing each other correctly, she began to undress herself sensually. Although I’ve made it clear for a long time, I have to say it again what a BUMP!!! I had one of the hottest nights of my life with this young lady, we meet again Vanessa!

Blond beauty

A few nights ago during my holiday in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I was in contact with escort service Girls Company, because I’ve been fantasizing for some time about a spicy date with a dark beauty. When I spoke to the operator at the agency I told him about this fantasy, without a doubt in his voice he immediately said “Vanessa is the lady for you!”. Because he said this with such self-assurance, I just couldn’t refuse. He told me she would be at my hotel in 35 minutes and she was!

Vanessa is a dark beauty who is blessed with a wonderfully curvy body. I had to be careful not to drool just by looking at her. We started our date with a nice chat and I told her I wanted to see her lovely ass in the shower, so we went there too. I’m telling you I asked for a spicy date and I got a very hot one! Vanessa really knows how to please a man, I wish every man could experience this kind of pleasure in his life.