• Name : Rosa

  • Age : 28

  • Haircolor : Blond

  • Eyes : Blue

  • Length : 1,65 cm

  • Cupzise : 80 B

Escort Girl Rosa

BDSM escort Rosa has a fantastic sweet appearance, but if you look closely into her eyes, you will see a very naughty escort girl, crazy about BDSM, dominant. whip, tie up, challenge and control. You can’t directly call her a Dominatrix, but a very bad escort! Besides Bdsm escort she likes Footfetish, likes to wear long leather/lacquer boots, secretary glasses. In personality she is also easy going, likes politics, economy, dancing and reading.

Rosa’s favorites:

  • GFE
  • Sex indifferent positions,
  • Oral with condom, erotic / body to body massage,
  • Kissing maybe.
  • Trio M/F, SM dominant, swingerclub.

Hourly rates

  • 1 hour € 160,-
  • 2 hours € 320,-
  • 4 hours € 600,-
  • 7 hours for 1 night € 980,-
  • 10 hours for 1 night € 1350,-
  • 12 hours for 1 night € 1560,-
  • 1 hours  For couples € 250,-

BDSM escort Rosa

Rosa has a preference for BDSM, bondage, foot fetish, discipline with sweep, domination, control and challenge. She is playful and knows the boundaries well. You can discuss the wishes with her in an open way, because she is very (open-minded) candid and open-minded. BDSM/ Master/slave escort with couples/threesome is a wish on her wish list.

BDSM escort in Hilversum, Amsterdam, , Alkmaar, Almere and Den haag is no problem. She also likes to visit you there as a bisexual BDSM couple escort.


Shapely curvy escort

When I got in touch with escortservice Girls Company I told them that I wanted to order a beautiful blond lady who really knows how to take care of a man. I also told them that I am a real breast man. The operator answered succinctly with “No problem, we have the perfect lady for you”.

Not much later I got a call from the front desk that a lady was waiting for me. I said she could continue to my room. Minutes later there was a knock on my door, there she was the beautiful blond Rosa! The escort operator on the phone didn’t lie when he said he had the perfect lady for me! When I first looked into her eyes I saw that beneath her innocent guise lurked a sexual beast ready to come out! After a few drinks she said she’d had enough of waiting and started undressing herself! My mouth fell wide open! As I mentioned I am a boobs man and what she carries is perfect! I thought to myself here I have something to work with. What I didn’t expect is that it wasn’t me who was going to do the work. As I sat on the couch Rosa climbed on top of me and started riding me. After the couch we moved to the table from there to the kitchen… At that point the time with her was almost up. I asked her if it was possible to stay an extra two hours, she called the escort agency and it was arranged! This young blonde really likes to play wild! After everything was arranged again, we continued in the shower and then in the bedroom! It was a perfect evening for me!

I want to thank the Girls Company operator for the good advice and of course I also want to thank Rosa for the great and hot night!

Amazing young lady gives ultimate GFE

I hadn’t been in a relationship for a long time and it started to get a little lonely from time to time. I had already booked an escort a few times so that I was not dry in any case. The last time I searched for an escort, I saw that there are also escorts who provide so-called GFE (girlfriend experience) service. I had nothing to lose so I thought to myself let’s give it a try. So that’s what I did too! I called the same escort agency as before and asked if they also had a beautiful blonde who provides GFE service. The girl on the phone told me they had a blonde who did this so that was the one I wanted to book.

I had arranged with the agency that she would come to my house but that I would go somewhere with her for a drink and maybe something to eat. The lady, like the previous escorts, arrived at my house perfectly on time. She introduced herself her name is Suzanne! She has a lovely tight figure but also full round breasts. We went together to a nice intimate cafe near me to have a drink. We sat down in the most intimate spot in the corner where no one could see us. As we sat there she very slowly moved a little closer to me, making it even more intimate than it already was. After we had our first drink I couldn’t resist kissing her. When I did it made me feel like I had picked up a date at the bar, it felt great! After spending quite some time there, Suzanne suggested we go back to my house to “make it even cozier”. I had ordered her for several hours so we had all the time in the world. We did a lot of exciting, horny sexy things together that night but how I can best describe it is in three words! Ultimate Girlfriend Experience!!!

I want to thank the Girls Company operator for the good advice and of course I also want to thank Suzanne for the great and hot night!