• Name : Nikky

  • Age : 24

  • Haircolor : Brunette

  • Eyes : brown

  • Length : 1,65 cm

  • Cupzise : 80 DD

Escort Girl Nikky

Slim, very large breasts with a double D cup, full round buttocks and a contoured body. Nikky is truly unique, not only her body but also dealing or contact with her is unique. She is very funny, sociable and loves harmony in the broadest sense of the word. So a lovely together with sparkling moments is almost a guarantee. Her clear skin is something she takes very good care of and it shows.

Nikky’s favorites:

  • GFE
  • Sex indifferent positions,
  • Oral with condom, erotic / body to body massage,
  • Kissing maybe.
  • Trio M/F, SM dominant, swingerclub.

Hourly rates

  • 1 hour € 160,-
  • 2 hours € 320,-
  • 4 hours € 600,-
  • 7 hours for 1 night € 980,-
  • 10 hours for 1 night € 1350,-
  • 12 hours for 1 night € 1560,-
  • 1 hours  For couples € 250,-


Escort Party girl

During my stay in Amsterdam last June I had booked a date with the beautiful Nikky. She is great company not only in the bedroom but also out there. We started our date with a drink in a nice and cozy cafe, which she suggested. We had very interesting conversations that showed that Nikky is very intelligent. After a few drinks I felt like dancing so we left the cafe looking for a club. Luckily for me, Nikky knows the Amsterdam nightlife like the palm of her hand. She showed me the best clubs and bars in Amsterdam. After hours of dancing and partying with party animal Nikky, we went back to my hotel. Once there we had a hot private party! Nikky may be small she has energy for ten!

Brunette who is up for anything

A little earlier this year I had a great date with the hyper active Nikky, it was fantastic! After booking a date with this gorgeous brunette, she arrived perfectly on time. To start our date I told her what I wanted on our date and we discussed my special requests over a drink. Like a lot of people, I had a few things I fantasized about that I didn’t really dare to talk about. But Nikky made me feel so comfortable that I dared it anyway. To my greatest surprise, she was even enthusiastic about it! After this super positive conversation I couldn’t wait to get into bed with her. When you share the bed with a girl like Nikky you find out how much energy a little lady can possess. It was very exciting and all my fantasies came true!!!