• Name : Nicole

  • Age : 23

  • Haircolor : Brunette

  • Eyes : Brown

  • Length : 1,70 cm

  • Cupzise : 75 C

Escort Girl Nicole

Nicole, seems to be something a bit introverted, but with a warm welcome and a relaxed start with a drink, she is mostly very comfortable after a soft landing. This can result in a super fun dat, which is much more than a superficial get-together. You can get to know the favorite Amsterdam escort girl real Nicole, inside and out, so to speak. Her character is simply super fun, witty and if she is given the space to take initiative, the lead will bring you in a super fun setting.

Nicole’s favorites:

  • GFE
  • Sex indifferent positions,
  • Oral with condom, erotic / body to body massage,
  • Kissing maybe.
  • Trio M/F, SM dominant, swingerclub.

Hourly rates

  • 1 hour € 160,-
  • 2 hours € 320,-
  • 4 hours € 600,-
  • 7 hours for 1 night € 980,-
  • 10 hours for 1 night € 1350,-
  • 12 hours for 1 night € 1560,-
  • 1 hours  For couples € 250,-


Escort with lovely curves

After a year of hard work I felt I deserved a vacation so I booked a two week vacation to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The only drawback there was is that I went alone, because I am single.

On my way to my holiday destination I suddenly realized that prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, that is something you should use as a tourist! When I arrived at my hotel in the heart of Amsterdam I found a flyer from a Girls Company(an escort agency in Amsterdam). At that moment I was sure I had to and would order a girl. I called them up and asked if they had a girl who would be available right away. The agency employee told me they had a wonderful lady readily available for me!

As agreed, the lady arrived at my hotel not much later. Nicole is a very attractive lady with big brown eyes, in which you can see a glimpse of her naughty character. We first went to the bathroom together, we had made a booking for several hours anyway. In the bathroom she undressed, what a nice body, wonderfully round hips and breasts not too big but not too small either. In the shower we started out feeling a little innocent, which quickly turned into passionate action. After our very hot shower we went to bed together. In bed, her naughty nature really came into its own. I have rarely experienced such passion in my life. I may have gone to Amsterdam alone but thanks to Nicole I didn’t feel alone!

Dominant Nicole

After a tragic breakup from my relationship with my ex, I really needed some positive female attention. So I decided to order an escort to set my mind elsewhere. On the web I looked for an escort agency near me, I found Girls Company. A few minutes later I called them. the Lady on the phone asked what kind of girl I was looking for. I told her I wanted the opposite of my ex so not a blonde and not too thin either. After hearing this she introduced Nicole. I didn’t care even without seeing the pictures.

A few hours later the lady arrived and she was exactly what I was hoping for! Nicole has gorgeous black hair, lovely round hips and beautiful sparkling brown eyes. After the payment was settled she had undressed herself before I knew it and was already busy with me. Without clothes, her horny curves came out even better! She pressed me onto the bed and immediately popped up on top. She rode me like a savage, hard with a lot of passion. I like it when a woman takes the helm, you know ;).

I booked Nicole to forget my ex, the plan was a success!