• Name : Alexandra

  • Age : 39

  • Haircolor : Blond

  • Eyes : Bruin

  • Length : 1,73 cm

  • Cupzise : 80 C

Escort Girl Alexandra

This beautiful escort is a sight to behold. She is relatively new, doing this next to her studies and as a challenge. Alexandria is very caring and a tltieme GFE escort. She will be happy to show you what this means. GFE is not just any date, but a date with an exceptional lady, from whom you should not expect any regular experience, but an experience that will stay with you like an angel’s. A very attractive little angel who will make your dreams come true. Seriously: Alexandria is one of the best escort girls you could wish for, you will receive a lady with style, class and a fantastic mentality!

Alexandra’s favorites:

  • GFE
  • Sex indifferent positions,
  • Oral with condom, erotic / body to body massage,
  • Kissing maybe.
  • Trio M/F, SM dominant, swingerclub.

Prijzen per uur

  • 1 hour € 160,-
  • 2 hours € 320,-
  • 4 hours € 600,-
  • 7 hours for 1 night € 980,-
  • 10 hours for 1 night € 1350,-
  • 12 hours for 1 night € 1560,-
  • 1 hours  For couples € 250,-


After months of hesitation, I decided to discuss a duo escort. Like many other men, I had the fantasy to do it with women for once. I contacted Girls Company to inquire about the possibilities. The helpful employee on the phone told me that this was no problem at all and they even have a selection of escorts who worked together perfectly. While I was on the phone I checked the escort girls on their website. I ended up booking a date with the duo Alexandra and Alicia.

I had ordered them for two hours later and they arrived on time. First I met the beautiful Alexandra. She has long brown/reddish curls and a wonderfully tight and slim figure. The equally beautiful Alicia arrived a little later because of a traffic jam on the way to my address. She is also a real beauty! Because Alexandra arrived earlier, we had already arranged the business part (payment), when Alicia arrived we could immediately go into the bedroom. Just the idea that I was in bed with two lovely naked women turned me on! It was like a dream! two lovely girls who only had eyes for me, what more could a man want? It was truly one of the hottest experience in my life.

Roleplay Escort

For some time I have the fantasy of making love to a secretary, I don’t know why. Maybe because I have a really nice secretary at work or because the idea of ​​doing it in the office really turns me on. I understood from a friend that there is an escort service in Amsterdam that mediates specialized escorts in role play. I called this escort service to ask if they had an escort who could make my secretary dream come true and so it happened.

I was waiting at home when I heard a car coming into the driveway. A lady with light brown hair, fully dressed in a suit (exactly as I requested) got out of the car. Before she arrived, I had made sure that the payment plus tip was ready so that the role play could start immediately. She started introducing herself as my new secretary, her name is Alexandra. We went to the office in my house, where we played as if it was a Friday afternoon after work. We had a drink and discussed her promotion. I asked her what do you want to do for the promotion? At that moment, she pretended to drop something and slumped to her knees under the desk. The rest I’ll leave to your imagination but Escort girl Alexandra is the best secretary I’ve ever had.