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Are you bin our capital or direct surroundings? Book one of the most beautiful Amsterdam escorts, 24 hours per day by our the most customer-friendly escort service. Amsterdam Escorts Company is specialized in arranging ultimate exciting dates or, erotic massage or even dinner date with the upmost astonishing high class Amsterdam escorts.

Our portfolio of charming and breathtaking escort girls are all selected based on impeccable mentality, sexappeal and great personalities. Our team of true beauties provide the bes Amsterdam escort service by pleasing you in every little detail, sexually as-well as socially.

Our portfolio is continuously updated , (sometimes daily), makes the availability surprising and unprecedentedly dynamic, which for many customers arouses curiosity time and time again to have a wonderful experience with exceptionally talented Amsterdam escorts.

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Best escort in Amsterdam

Hire an independent escort Amsterdam and have a excellent experience. Is is a privilege to be able to date an Amsterdam escort completely legal and professionally arranged by the best Amsterdam escort agency with a large amount of seductive high class escorts. Our Amsterdam escort agency is up to date about alle escort details/characteristics such as personality, looks, skills, hygiene, and above all mentality. works according to an extensive intake procedure for maintaining the best escort service in Amsterdam. our intake policy ensures the right knowledge is collected, which is necessary for matching your ideal sex date. Our philosophy targets only customer service as the number 1 priority, made up of ingredients such as pleasure, entertainment and excessive service for a demanding audience.

The quality of maintaining the best independent Amsterdam escorts is completely up to you as we can only adjust your feedback. So all comments and reviews are  taken very seriously and used to optimize matching your next best Amsterdam escorts.  Read more


Lacquer, leather or latex, foot fetish, bondage, candle wax or extreme role-playing. A fetish escort gets turned on by the things most draw the line. The step further and more creative into your fantasy is what’s extra exciting.

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Fetish escorts

Amsterdam, high class escort has a selection of the creme de la creme when it comes to taste, sex apeal, service, intelligence, empathy and sex drive. We hope that you are not dumbfounded when you take a look at the stunningly beautiful ladies in the most sophisticated level.

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HIgh class escort

High class escort Amsterdam

Erotic Massage

Erotic massageAfter a period of hustle and bustle and chaos an relaxing Erotic massage is the best idea for everyone. That’s why Girls Company offers a wide variety of massage services; sensual massage, Erotic massage, Tantra massage, Body-To-Body massage and Four Hands massage. For a detailed description of the massages : Erotic massage Amsterdam.


BDSMA select group of ladies have a desire to dominate men through bondage, whips and many more attributes. Reservations with BDSM can be planned with attributes, but of course on request.

Bdsm escort

Escort service Amsterdam

To run a great escort service in Amsterdam by offering only the best ladies isn’t just that easy. All girls are selected are selected for high expectations. We create a wide variation of callgirls with feminine shapes, looks and sizes, but in our philosophy just as important is a match in wishes and sexual preferences. You can entrust our Amsterdam escort agency when it comes down to experience in guiding you to your ideal match which results in the best Amsterdam escort service for your expectations. Our exclusive portfolio is assembled out of intelligent, very attractive and well-groomed ladies. works according to its 1. 2. 3. concept:

  1.  Customer satisfaction is the number 1 priority.
  2. The wishes of the customer are central to optimize (sex) date.
  3. Our portfolio of high class escorts, each with their own beautiful personality, stylish and breathtaking appearance combined with great mentality, perfect hygienic makes the selection of Amsterdam escorts incomparable.   Read more

Why Amsterdam escort girls are the best

Our skilled and experienced operators work by our philosophy, which ensures the best and most beautiful selection of escorts and call girls in Amsterdam. Each of the ladies have their erotic characteristics, which makes meeting and matching a true profession. Our extensive and up to date portfolio of Amsterdam escort girls guarantee a fabulous match or date!

We work with a categorization to filter based on sexual desires, fetishes and skills of each available female call girl to make sure your meeting will result in a memorable date.

Better safe than sorry

An Amsterdam escortservice day to day operations sets a high bar for STD policy and check up’s. Now is an accident always possible and is the consequence of such the last thing wanted. As an escort agency in Amsterdam the authority towards the mediated independent call girls and female escorts doesn’t reach as far as demand a condition of std’ free, or safe sex policy. It is only possible to advise both “staff” and “clients” always to practice safe sex during an encounter. There for also the responsibility is not with the our company as we only mediate in fun dates.

Book your Amsterdam escort for a great date

Booking an escort, how does it work?
Dear visitor, We make booking an escort to your hotel very comfortable and easy. At Girls Company you can book or reserve in 3 simple steps, almost with a click of a button. Arranged within 5 minutes and one of the seductive lady’(s) will be on their way for a lovely date:

  • View and study our gallery of (independent) call girls and select your top 3 favorite. In addition to the photos, the ladies’ profile contains all details to give you a good impression and should be sufficient for selecting your future sexmate.
  • Reach out to us, by contacting our customer service, by live chat, telephone, or WhatsApp. Email is welcome as well, just response time is the fastest by phone, chat, sms and whatsapp.
  • Let us know your preferences and lady of your choice and we will arrange for the escort girl to be at your doorstep at the preferred time. It’s easy to order an escort.

You can also contact us directly for advice based on your preferences and availability. Ordering an escort or a call girl at is super simple and your date will be arranged quickly and well!

Costumers about  our service

Feedback from many customers shows that our services is to the satisfaction of many. Customers about

The Best experience of my life!

I travel a lot to different countries for my work. By traveling I make extensive use of comparable services internationally, but I have never experienced such a professional escort agency with well-arranged ladies. Girls Company, I would like to use your services, thank you very much!


Truly a dream girl!

I am very satisfied with Nikky’s service, what a whopper and pleasant character. We laughed a lot, played and had a wonderful night together, Nikky, as far as I am concerned you are a real GFE escort, as a Girlfriend experience is meant! You read it a lot in advertisements for hotel escorts in Amsterdam and home reception, but rarely have I had a date like this.

Super girl Amsterdam

After spending an evening in Amsterdam with my friends, I received an “Amsterdam escort” in my hotel room. I was already in a silly mood, but we had such a great time together. We couldn’t stop laughing, had a serious conversation, and then had an atmosphere-enhancing experience. Honestly, it was a fantastic night with escort Lolita. What an amazing woman!

I met with an escort in my hotel

I was a bit unsure if I could have someone in my hotel room, but it was completely unnecessary. It was exactly as the receptionist had indicated, no problem. Four hours of great company, drinks, snacks, laughter, and good conversations. Then the atmosphere was ideal, and we experienced some fireworks, a superb escort in my hotel. Thank you, EAC.

How does an escort service in Amsterdam actually operate?

What does such a company’s an Amsterdam escort service actually do? It combines the powers of several people/ladies in the erotic industry, supports and professionalizes the goal of establishing sex dates or intimate dates in a certain region such as Amsterdam. Called “Rendez-vous de Sexe” in French. Guidance, safety, good service, and match experience are essential in this. But how does this work? An escort service accompanies a portfolio of different ladies, each with their own preferences and conditions under which they want to be matched. This is often based on an agreed hourly rate with the aim of erotic services offered under free will, in short, an cheap escort service. You can think of intimate / sex, oral, spanking escort anal dominant, or a trio in Amsterdam or the region.

Escort booker or an escort agency

What is the difference between an escort booker and an escort agency?
In fact, there is no difference in the work between the two. Both companies mediate in agreements between people and people (often ladies) for an appointment of an erotic nature against payment. The Dutch name for an escort agency is agency. Obviously there is a legal difference between these abroad or in the Netherlands.

Hotel escorts

Hotel escort is called outcall in English and means that hotel escorts do not receive you, but visit you on location as your hotel, but that can also be done in your apartment or at home. In any case somewhere comfortable and hygienic, where you can receive the lady safely. If you are staying in a hotel, you may wonder if there are additional costs for receiving visitors? No, a visit from a hotel escort does not incur additional costs from your accommodation. You are free to receive visitors, and so the lady will announce, misses desired because if you prefer to pick her up in the lobby and go to your room together, this is very welcoming to your hotel escort in Amsterdam.

24/7 Amsterdam escorts

The city of Amsterdam never sleeps, neither does Girls Company. Our professional reception is available day and night to match you with the hottest ladies from Amsterdam. With our amount of available erotic services you will soon run out of time.

Escort service Amsterdam with verified pictures

Girls Company is the oldest and most renowned escort service in Amsterdam. We are in possession of the necessary permit for escort agencies. All photos of our escort Girls are 100% authentic.

Escort bookings

Whichever escort service you book an escort with, there are a number of things you should pay attention to. See our information for an explanation of license, reliability, escort services, escort prices, payment and travel time.

Quick and easy

Booking with Escort Agency Girls Company is quick and easy. Call us +316 382 573 75, email us or send us a message via Whatsapp. All requests are handled 100% discreetly and 100% confidentially.

Escorts Amsterdam in the region

Besides escort ladies in Amsterdam, Girls Company also offers its services in many other cities spread over the Netherlands. Our country isn’t large, so to offer our services in a wide range of cities situated in north or the south of holland. The service is fast and easily arranged and waiting times are mostly shorter than used in big capitals over the world.


Type of escort

The latest portfolio

Amsterdam escorts are fantastic, delightfully and beautiful ladies which all come from different backgrounds. You probably also have your preference between the sheets, such as a tall or a lady with large breasts, (busty) BBW, VIPStrapon, blonde, brunette, green or blue eyes, fair of white skin.


24 hours escorts Amsterdam

Constanly available

The reputation of Amsterdam 24-hour escorts is partly due to the city itself. Amsterdam is known at home and abroad for its vibrant nightlife and extremely tolerant slant. The walls are a household name throughout the world and contribute to the perception of an open-minded city and inhabitants .:


24 uurs escort Amsterdam

Escort services are available 24 hours a day in Amsterdam. A service that takes place in all openness, not in a shadowy or dark circuit. This is not only pleasant for you as a customer, but it also means an ideal working environment for the ladies. The latter explains why many 24-hour escort services want to work in Amsterdam and the range of international ladies is large.
Does this mean that every lady in Amsterdam is available 24 hours a day? No, the pleasant working conditions ensure that there is the freedom to coordinate availability with each other in consultation. This is where the most important task of an escort service lies, and it is precisely there that Girls Company knows how to distinguish itself from the rest. We ensure that ladies booked through us but also have sufficient rest and thus meet the stringent requirements.

Escort Type

Amsterdam is a city with hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Holidaymakers, business people or tourists, Amsterdam has a lot to offer for everyone. Whatever the reason for your stay, a good company is important. If you want to get the best out of your stay, one of our escort girls is an excellent start.

Our escorts are fantastic, delightfully beautiful ladies who ensure that you get the most out of your stay. For example, there are many people with a preference for Amsterdam escorts, for example, a petite lady or a MILF, Japanese or Asian, Polish or ebony, threesome or black-haired escorts.

For business people who do not only want to appear at dinner or festive occasions, an escort girl is a solution. Charming, witty and not to mention dazzlingly beautiful are ingredients that ensure success.

Escorts Amsterdam region

Our ladies are happy to visit you in the region and offer escort service in places such as; Almere, Amersfoort, Amstelveen, Schiphol, the Hague, Haarlem, Hilversum, Escort RotterdamEscort Utrecht, Alkmaar.

You can make an appointment in any city in the Netherlands via chat, telephone, or WhatsApp. Depending on the region, travel time, additional travel costs, or multi-hour reservations are required. Scheduling an appointment in advance with your correct address, telephone number, time, and date will make any waiting time unnecessary.